How will we trust in the future?

How will changes in our world impact our inclination to trust?

The Trust/2030 project imagines what society might look like in the near future. It provides a glimpse into three alternative scenarios of trust within society, through the objects that citizens carry with them every day.

Society 1

Decentralised & Transparent

Does increased transparency lead to a higher level of trust in society?

A major data leak exposing a gross Human Rights violation by a public official forces government to create a transparent, data-driven society. Information we used to think of as private is now shared openly by organisations and individuals alike. All areas of our lives are fully transparent: we can access health records online, research what is in our food and find out how much our colleagues earn. Citizens put trust in big institutions because they believe the full transparency movement keeps them accountable and makes products and services more predictable.

Society 2

Centralised & Curated

Would you put all of your trust in one company in exchange for the convenience of fully personalised products and services?

A series of government data leaks shatters the trust citizens had once put into their elected leaders. Big businesses see an opportunity to provide people with the sense of security they crave. Citizens decide to choose one corporation to take care of all their daily needs, from food to entertainment. In exchange for their personal data, consumers get to benefit from fully personalised products. Prices fall and services become more streamlined, making life for the average person more efficient. In this society, brand loyalty and trust is at an all-time high.

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Society 3

Distributed & Autonomous

Would you give up modern-day conveniences and take responsibility for all aspects of your life to guarantee your personal security?

Once a series of data leaks exposes the shaky foundation on which the current government had been built, citizens quickly lose faith in all public institutions, including banks. A major financial crisis follows and forces people to reorganise society completely. Small communities begin to form who provide their own currency and power, allowing them to exist completely independently. By reverting to physical security systems, data hacks are no longer an issue. Self reliance trumps trust in this society.

Which society would you trust?

Hitachi collaborated with Method on a 3 month engagement to explore the theme of trust and how it might look in the year 2030